Best places to find ideas for interior design projects

Finding inspiration in new and welcoming places: Enjoying the creative Internet

In 2018 interior design seems to grow in popularity. A growing number of people express their desire to become professionals in the field and provide services for offices, residential and public projects. It is not particularly hard to imagine that someone would want to use creativity as a tool for new designs in a wide variety of projects.

There are also many people that change careers, opting for interior design development paths. The new career in this line of business is open to so many ideas and uses. Having the liberty to implement various plans in a new place with the scope of changing and improving it, seems to be the main attraction for most designers.

Interior design involves a wide range of services that come together in order to create something amazing, with a positive impact on the location. It can be a part of a complete or partial refurbishment process or a renovation plan for a specific area. In most situations, setting the basis for a new idea to grow and take over the latent design is hard work. Designers need to study the profile of the area and accommodate the new idea with the client’s intent. More often than one would like, it takes time to come with a common ground, one with the capacity to become something amazing.


As projects vary from client to client, it doesn’t hurt to discover new ideas and implement them with courage and passion. Good inspiration in the field can certainly help out a lot, but where to find it? Well, the internet is obviously a good place to start. More and more designers share their ideas within digital communities. We live in a world of cooperation and new content creation.

As a result, designers of different experience level can find with ease in different websites ideas easy to implement. Creativity takes many forms, especially in the minds of gifted individuals, with an eye for detail and a thriving imagination. Interior designers can now find many helpful websites, forums and magazines, all bearing useful tips, recommendations and creative insights on the prospects of brilliant interior design ideas.

London and the path to creative designs

2018 seems to be a creative year for most interior designers. Every construction project needs a visual coordinator, with the needed experience to create beautiful spaces. As we mentioned earlier, searching for interior design ideas is a major must these days, especially if you want to keep track of the latest trends in the field. The year 2018 seems to be more than generous with professionals that want to enhance their set of skills.

BOK experts have always sought to access some of the best sources of information regarding the trades offered to clients. As you probably already know, BOK offers a wide diversity of services. Among the services and trades offered by us in London and Birmingham you will find: small-special works, painting and decorating, floor and wall tiling, carpentry and joinery, suspended ceilings, partitioning systems, plastering-screeding and brick and block work. Each service is provided with attention and maximum professionalism.


Interior design plays a major role in our core services, because, as you can see, it is rooted in some of them, needed on site. In a refurbishment process, you need good plans for the new home, commercial or residential building. Painting, decorating and carpentry services need a core set of guides in order to create a uniform space, which clients will love. Our painters and decorators access various sources of information regarding the latest trends in decorating, carefully laid out in specific categories.

There are trends in residential decorating that different from the ones in commercial. It is absolutely normal, as a specialist, to know them both, especially when you have to provide services in these sectors. In order to deliver professional services, we believe in continuous commitment to quality and obviously research. To this end, we are very attentive to the existing decorating trends in all sectors.

It takes time and a great deal of effort to identify the best interior design ideas, applicable to a wide range of projects. Seeing as diversity is the top word to describe the construction market in 2018, it pays to be ready for various projects.

The best places to find ideas for interior design projects

The Internet is probably the best place to look for interior design ideas, easy to apply and in different circumstances. You will find many interior design websites, where specialists write about their ideas with applicability in different sectors. Some of their ideas are pretty precious, being able to capture the attention of clients. In addition, if you are lucky enough, you can even talk to some of these specialists because most websites have chats. At BOK you can also talk to experienced decorators, people that have worked on different projects along the years. They are more than willing to offer assistance to all that want more guidance during their project development.

Another source that you might want to consider to find creative interior design plans and recommendations is at your disposal every single day: magazines. The market accommodates many official magazines, divided in specific sectors. For instance: there are magazines for landscaping, interior and exterior design and more. It is quite easy to find a magazine specific to your needs. One interesting source that you might want to consider is Pinterest.


This is a website with a couple of helpful boards. Many designers choose to pin their works and added useful descriptions, some even with links. You can also visit YouTube and search for relevant videos. Some of them are captivating and come with creative ideas. In addition, there were specialists that used on more than one occasion Instagram as a tool to promote their creative ideas. As a result, you could follow them and ultimately keep track of their visual aid.

If you have a project that requires a team of experienced decorators, painters or carpenters, feel free to contact us. We are more than happy to offer assistance and to discuss your project.

Interior design ideas in 2018
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