Top 5 successful projects and customer testimonials in London

Discover BOK construction top 5 successful projects in London and read testimonials written by different clients

In every business it is important to work with efficiency during every project. This is how you can gain positive feedback from clients, which show their gratitude through a detailed or short testimonial. Firms are more than happy to receive customer testimonials. Nowadays it is recommended to have proper access to customer feedback. They offer a good insight into the functionality of the respective firm, which other clients find to be more than useful. In a big city like London it is essential to have clients close. Even though it is not easy to develop strong connections with past clients, companies need to find ways to get past an initial reluctance to offer feedback.

How can you determine a client to write a testimonial? Well, it is pretty easy: make sure you do a great job and clients will write testimonials without a specific invitation. As a construction company in London with over 10 years of continuous activity, we had our fair share of testimonials. Clients were more than welcoming with us, offering feedback after a certain project was done.

To this end, we set up a special location on our website called PROJECTS where visitors can read client testimonials. Furthermore this is where people can see how we worked on other projects. It is important to view exactly how we work and whether or not we can accommodate different needs.


Top 5 successful construction projects in London

In Britain’s capital city you will find a lot of companies that offer construction services. Picking a firm from the ones available on the market can be a real challenge, which few people can manage. Yet, it is not an impossible task. The best way to reduce the stress levels coming with a general confusion state is accessing reliable sources of information. It doesn’t hurt to read customer reviews, firm profiles and specialist reviews. This is without a doubt the type of information that can make your life easier.

You can use the information to properly determine the worth of the company that caught your attention. At BOK Construction you will always find professionals that can offer assistance. If you have a question or more, our specialists will be at your disposal. We do our best to provide the necessary assistance to help you accomplish your goal faster.

Along the years we had the pleasure of working on a wide variety of projects, each one more interesting than the other. We can’t say that one particular project than the other because we value every single client that uses our services. Our specialists work with attention on every aspect of the project (big or small) in order to deliver positive results. Every time you come to us with a project, we will analyse it with attention and provide good solutions. Our competitive working teams will efficiently manage every aspect of the project, offering clients the chance to enjoy very good results.

We have a very strict working principle – “immaculate construction” which we respect during every project. This is the best way to ensure that clients enjoy positive results and in some cases even the “wow factor”. Among the projects that we worked on in the last couple of years, you will find many interesting names and detailed client testimonials. CONTACT US!

We did our best to offer professional services every single time and we did not disappoint. It is very important to us to offer good results and impress clients with our seriousness and efficiency. Since every project is different and comes with different challenges, our specialists do everything in their power to overcome them. As you can imagine, we had a couple of projects that stuck with us. We selected 5 projects that remained with us even now. This is why we selected five of them that needed a more detailed look. Visitors can now discover more things about a couple of projects that we worked on.


Holiday Inn Earls Court – Client Splendid Hotel Group – Construction Manager Vascroft

During the course of 11 weeks we worked on a great construction project in London – The Holiday Inn, Earls Court London. We were required to do an extension to 50 ensuite bedroom capacity. In addition we had to develop another reception, high level canopy and also plant room. The works on this particular project included services like the installation of suspended ceilings, addition of dry wall partitions, carpentry and joinery, plastering and screeding, painting and decorating.

We did our job well and respected the high level of quality imposed by the client. The BOK team coordinated their full efforts with the construction manager. Even though the deadline was strict due to delays due to the former roof contractors, we were able to get the job done on time.

InterContinental London – The O2 – Client Grove Developments – Contractor S&T Interiors

At BOK Construction you will find a passion for quality and immaculate results. You will be greeted by true professionals that take their job seriously, irrespective of the project’s complexity or size. During the InterContinental London – The O2 project we were tasked with a serious painting and decorating package. We had to procure around 30 different types of luxury wall coverings. Our firm worked with interior designers in order to meet the required specifications. Even though the deadline was tight, we completed our tasks without delays.

This is what Suresh Kerai – Project surveyor – from S&T Interiors had to say about the services we provided:


Ernst & Young – Client EY – Construction Manager Como

Projects differ and that is good because it gives us the opportunity to work efficiently. When we started to work on the Ernst & Young project, we knew just how important our task was. BOK Construction received the task of installing a wide range of suspended ceilings, dry wall partitioning bulkheads, bespoke coloured ceilings, SAS 330 system ceiling grid, bespoke GRG ceiling and timber feature ceiling.

We also collaborated with Celtic on a sloping auditorium. You should know the overall works covered over 9 floors. The works meant the participation of 80 skilled tradesmen on the actual site. We maintained a high standard of quality. As you can imagine the client was more than pleased with the final results.

This is what Martin Stripe – Contracts Manager Celtic had to say about us:


Colchester Road – Private Client – Contract Manager BOK Construction

During 18 weeks we worked on an amazing project located in Colchester Road. A private client awarded with a full refurbishment contract, which needed to be done on a mid-terrace single dwelling. The works on the project included distinct works. You need to know that the works done on this project included: the installation of electrical and mechanical systems, the development of new partitions and installation of ceilings, painting and decorating , plumbing and heating, bathroom and living room, development of sash windows and doors, proper supply and installation of staircases and tiling. The client was more than satisfied with the final results.

Bank of China – Construction manager Overbury

The last project that we wanted to include in this tiny top was our work done on the Bank of China. During 16 weeks we had to develop/install dry wall partitions, MF ceilings, and SAS 130 system suspended ceilings over 5 floors. We should also mention that we worked on the finishing touches (tape and jointing and plastering) from the basement to the level 9. Our specialists worked with efficiency and managed to complete the tasks on time.


How can you contact BOK representatives in London?

We have dedicated divisions for each service that we provide in London. This particularity makes it easy for clients to obtain the information easier and faster. A lot of people observed this commodity offered by BOK in London. They managed to obtain rather quickly the information needed. Furthermore we are also open to discussions concerning present and future projects.

Today you can get in contact with BOK representatives rather quickly. In addition, you can choose from a wide variety of communication channels. You can come to our London office, located at Unit 4, 303 Holloway Road London N7 8HS. This is where you talk directly to one of our representative.

If you prefer to talk to us by phone, call us at the following telephone number +44 (0) 20 8617 8286. You also have the possibility of sending us an email at We shall respond rather quickly, within 2 business days at most. As you can imagine there are many projects to manage and solicitations to answer. Still, every client is important to us. Don’t think for a moment that we come up short with time allocated to responses. No! We do our best to offer quick responses to anyone that contacts us.

Take into account that we also have a very active Facebook and Twitter page. This is where we share our latest news concerning projects and not only. You can also find us on LinkedIn, where we always opt to share professional articles in different segments. Contact us with confidence and discover whether or not we can offer assistance during your current or next project! CONTACT US!

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