What makes BOK different

Our values


Quality workmanship
Attention to detail and quality of finish that is second-to-none


Excellent time management
Focus on efficiency supports a proven track record for timely delivery


High level worker initiative
BOK workers are trained to be team players and problem solvers and often lead the way on site


Reliable integrity
Maintaining a stable and highly skilled workforce means we keep our promises, no matter what


Dedicated client service
We care about those in our sphere of influence and reward our team for respectful service


Immaculate construction
BOK is built on trust and respect, which is inevitably reflected in our client loyalty and finished product


At BOK, we differ from other construction companies by the nature of our values, which guide and sustain our activities.

It all begins with valuing people – those we employ, those we serve and those we partner in fulfilling contracts. Because we value people, we look after them.


What this means for our employees is security of tenure – the opposite of a ‘hire and fire’ mentality – which creates a virtuous circle of loyalty. We therefore retain the skills we train, building on the quality and efficiency of our work.

What this means for our clients is outstanding service and unsurpassed work standards. Our ultimate aim is for perfect quality, not only in the service we deliver, but across all operations – from the people we employ, to our management and training programmes, to our health and safety procedures.


What this means for our partners is a commitment to teamwork and building relationships. BOK workers are team players and problem solvers, and often lead the way when collaborating with other contractors and trades on site.

We live by these values and we believe their results are evident in the quality of our work, timely completion of projects and ultimately, your bottom line.

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