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We invite you to read with attention this page before you start browsing the content of BOK Construction website. Read the information present here in order to understand better our digital conduct. If you do not desire to accept the terms of us, privacy and cookies policy of our website, then you not continue browsing. You have the complete liberty to leave our website. If you decide to access our website then you accept these terms of use, privacy policy and cookies policy. This is why we invite you to carefully review this page.

Every user has the liberty of contacting us in the event he or she has questions regarding this terms of use, privacy or cookies policy. Please feel free to discuss your concerns by calling us on the following telephone number +44 (0) 20 8617 8286 or sending us an email at info@bokconstruction.co.uk. We shall do our very best to respond to any query or complaint that visitors might have. Every visitor of BOK Construction is important, and to this end we do whatever we can to ensure good browsing experiences on our website.

Information obtained from website visitors

As you might have noticed, our website has a contact page. This is where visitors freely offer their contact information in order to get in touch with one of our representatives. In our contact page you will find personal information that we may collect as follows:

- A user that wants to fill out the contact form will offer us the following types of information: name, email address, company, phone and message relating to the scope of the contact. This is the details we require in order for the user to get in contact with us.

- There are situations that imply a discussion between user and agents. Such exchange of information, especially in direct accordance with the development of a project, can be kept as a record as a point of reference or guidance.

- Different details regarding your visit on our site and where possible, information about IP address, browser used, operating system and type of computer. Such logs entries are common, accessible by system administration and for security reasons as well. In addition, such data (pages visited by a user, time spend on a page and bounce rate) is purely statistical. It cannot be used in order to identify specifically a user.

Every user has the right to request the immediate amendment of the personal information held by us, in direct accordance with the rights under the Data Protection Act 1998. In the event you have your information updated or revised please feel free to contact one of our agents on the telephone number mentioned above.

What do we do with the information you provide

The information provided by you via our website’s contact form to:

- Get in contact with you regarding the message submitted in our contact form; we respond fast to each inquiry coming from users’

- Offer information regarding your unique request, laid out in the message form;

- Develop new content (useful articles) on our blog, in accordance with users browsing patterns

We always take necessary steps in order to make sure that the information provided by you on our website will be kept secure. We make it our top priority to make sure that every visitor has a good experience. If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact us. We shall respond rather quickly to all inquiries.

Cookies Policy

The website www.bokconstruction.co.uk uses like most websites cookies in order to ensure visitors benefit from good experience. This website uses cookies in order to ensure good services to users and fascinating and useful content. Most websites use cookies to develop good content to their users.

Cookies are used in order to properly facilitate good access to different services, common to users browsing the internet. Among such services you will find some of the following: personalising the language settings – users can select the language of the website visited, on how they want to display the content. Users have the possibility of using the back button if the content language is not to their liking. Cookies offer information on how a user uses the website. Such information is used in order to arrange and edit the website’s content in order to make it more useful.

What is a “cookie”?

The definition of an internet cookie, also known as a browser cookie or HTTP cookie is a small file, formed from letters and numbers, which is stored on the computer or other device used by a user to access the Internet. This cookie is installed through a request sent to a web-server to a browser. Depending on the type of browser you use (Safari, Edge, Chrome or Mozilla) the cookie is passive. It is important to know that a cookie does not have software programme such as spyware or viruses. Furthermore cookie doesn’t have the capacity to access information present on the user’s hard drive.

In most situations the duration of an internet cookie is determined and formed from two parts: name and content or value. Important to know: a cookie in itself does not ask for information with personal character in order to be used. In addition, in most cases a cookie can’t identify specifically an internet user.

There are two types of cookies:

Cookie session – this particular type of cookie is stored temporarily in the cookie folder of the browser used to visit the website. This is where the cookie is memorized until the user decides to leave the website or opts to close the browser window.

Persistent cookie – this type of cookie is stored on the hard drive of a computer (with a pre-determined duration). This is where you will find cookies placed by another website that the one the user visits, known in the general language as “third party cookies”. Such cookies can store the interest of a user, because later on he or she will receive relevant advertising.

What is the utility of a HTTP cookie?

Cookies ensure visitors a pleasant browsing experience and in most cases help other websites to offer better services to users (depending on their preferences and interests).

Users have the possibility of deleting at any time cookies by using the browser settings. You should know that modern browsers – Mozilla, Safari, Edge, Opera, Internet Explorer or Chrome – offer users the possibility of changing cookies settings. The settings can be found in the options section or in the preference menu (depending on the browser you use).

The cookies used by the website www.bokconstruction.co.uk are analytical cookies sent by Google Analytics. These cookies provide information about the number of visitors and their browsing patterns (types of pages visited). This type of cookies will help us improve the way our site works. We use the information in order to make sure that visitors find quickly the content they need. In addition the information collected by analytical cookies is user in order to properly estimate the audience size, general usage and analyse various trends. We can use the information in order to optimise the website functionality. You have the possibility of learning more about Google Analytics by visiting this page (https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/6004245). In addition you can also stop the tracking process by Google Analytics on all websites that you visit simply by visiting this page https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout

IP visitor address

As we stated earlier our website logs your IP address and other specific information about the computer you use for security and administrative reasons. Such information (not with personal character) is statistical and can be used to block users that might want to access restricted parts of the website.

You should know that the website is operated by BOK representatives from the United Kingdom. If you begin to use website from another country then you are subjected to the respective local laws.

Type of information present on our website

We undergo a constant effort to make sure that every piece of information present on our website is correct. We must mention that the information present here is for guidance only. We can’t be hold accountable for the presence of inaccurate information on our website. You must know that our staff works every day to make sure that all content is correct. BOK Construction has the right to change the information present here at any given time with no prior announcement. Users have the possibility of contacting BOK staff in order to obtain more information on the content development of the website. Any technical aspects regarding different construction projects might prove to be different in some situations. In addition, all specifications of projects (images, plans, dimensions and photographs) present on our website might be the subject of change at any change.

By continuing to use our website, you acknowledge and also agree to the content parameters set forth above. If you want more information about our content policy please feel free to contact us.

All content present on the website www.bokconstruction.co.uk is under copyright rule. If you want to use our content, you need to contact us. Please do not take content from our website without asking permission from a BOK representative. If you continue to use our website then you accept our terms of use Bok Construction website, Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy.

Governing law

The terms of use present on this page are governed by and also shall be construed in direct accordance with the laws of England. You should also know that non-contractual obligations in connection with the terms of use present on this website by laws of England. Hopefully you found our terms of use, privacy policy and cookies policy clear and transparent. If you have any questions about them, please feel free to contact us.

On behalf of BOK Construction staff, we would like to thank you for visiting our website.